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Structure of Our Curriculum

The Cambridge Champs International Pre School
program orages 2 to 6 year old is built around six core areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

To provide a smooth transition into the wider world from home and to be able to manage and take care of oneself. The end objective is to develop a strong self image & esteem in each child.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

To be able to find out the significance of the environment, people & places in their lives. By using problem solving skills, experimentation, prediction, questioning and decision making a child can co relate himself with the world he lives in.

Physical Development:

To enable children to develop fine & gross motor skills and understand how their body works. Motor development includes gross motor and fine motor development and co ordination related activities such as:

Language, Communication & Literacy Development:

To be able to explore and enjoy the use of words in languages. To use language to communicate and express oneself and as well as learn to listen carefully to others.

Mathematical Development:

To develop their understanding of number, patterns, shapes and space through exploration & practice.

Creative Development:

To help children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of mediums like art, music, movement, dance and role play activities. Creativity and self expressions skills development