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The best Kindergarten !

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We have a unique program that helps each child quickly adapt and feel at home. We also help each child find his own way. Become a person, be happy and change the world for the better.


'Childhood is a journey, not a race'

About Us

We believe in freedom as essential to learning. Therefore the culture is amiable within which children explore. Our school environment helps child to settle down without discomfort. Teachers carefully organize space according to small and large group activities. Our common spaces such as dramatic play area, kitchen corner, puppet area, area for art and music helps child to enrich the experience at CAMBRIDGE CHAMPS International.

Our programs


2 years to 3 years


3 years to 4 years


4 years to 5 years


5 years to 6 years

Our Salient Features

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’’
Cambridge Champs International is a preschool that seeks a firm foundation for your children. It marks the beginning of a promise to bring quality education to the lives of children. It seeks to create lifelong learners with the true belief that every child is unique and special.


Every child is unique in thought and action.
Every child should be allowed to develop at his own pace.
Every child is appreciated for their individuality.


The rooms are bright, safe and child friendly with low level molded furniture and safe materials. The hub of the class room is the different learning corners that focus on individual learners and their strengths.


"All good work
is done the
way ants do


The greatest strength of CIS is the exceptionally high quality teachers. All the teachers are professionally qualified and have adequate experience and commitment to student learning outcomes. The teacher’s role is multi-faceted, she plays the role of an observer,facilitator and listener and constantly challenges the child to think beyond.
The teacher’s role at the Cambridge International School is to give the children the opportunity to explore the world around them and fulfill the desires of each child to learn and grow. The classrooms utilize learning centers to allow the children to be active parcipants in their own learning. Through the learning centers, the children manipulate matenials and discover at their individual pace and ability levels.


The art studio is a stimulating place where children develop ideas. The wide range of art, craft and malleable materials allows children to explore and express freely.


The music studio is a place that puts a pulse and a beat into children. The exposure to a wide range of songs, rhymes, music genres and instruments
enhances all their skills.


Ample outdoor space with sand and water play makes outdoor learning an integral part of the children’s day-to-day curriculum and provides opportunity to engage with natural environment, supporting large muscie development and encouraging experience.


We Offer

Play & sports ground

Day Care

Fenced area

Modern toys

Interesting learning

Large bright rooms

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Awards & Achivements

When you work with vision & a mission, the whole world recognises you and your presence makes a difference in the system of nation building approach. The awards and achievements received by the school has not only enriched the glory of the school but also inspired to work with greater dedication.

We have been the proud receipients of many awards & honors…

To list a few…

Every unique talent is polished by the GURU (Nature,Mother, Teacher and by self).School like Cambridge gives a platform to the students to perform and here the glory of achievements begins…..

Below are a few achievements of students.

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